5-year-old hero gets medal for saving Mom and her brother


She is a real hero! This would be perfect for a Rescue 911 episode!

Her mom gave her life, and so she saved her mothers life! I can tell she’ll do amazing things in the future!

Wow, if I were her, I wouldn’t even know what to do! The next super hero has arrived! What a beautiful story.

God bless that little girl! Watch the video below!

A five-year-old girl named Lexi got a medal for saving the lives of her mom and baby brother after their car plunged down an embankment in the Canadian Rockies. Her mom Angela was driving home with her kids when she fell asleep at the wheel and dr…

In 2014, the car repairman came back and Georgia, when he noticed something small crawling on the road. Bryant Collins stopped the car and got out of it, he was shocked to see a little girl who was all alone on the road. Shocked Bryant picked up a 15-month-old baby and immediately called 911.

The next two hours, before the rescuers arrived, he spent with her. When the child began to cry, he reassured her, turning the music on your phone. When Sheriff Kip Thomas arrived at the scene, he was struck by how this baby crawled through a forest of 300 yards from his home.

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