Mom and 6 sons donate a combined 17 feet of hair


Just wow! You must watch it!

These boys have really silky hair, it’s so cute! I think that’s awesome that they did! Luckiest little girl in the world to have 6 older brother to protect her, I feel bad for the first guy that hurts her!

All in all I was thinking they were girls because of the hair! This is because they have very amazing silky hair!

A mother and her six sons all got their hair cut together for a good cause. For these boys, it’s been two years since their last appointment, and a total of 17 feet of hair was cut off and donated to a charity in honor of a friend who recently lost his battle with cancer. The kids say they’d grow out their hair again, but next time they hope their 2-year-old sister’s hair will be long enough to join them.

They were teased, but they knew they were doing a good thing. Some people like to judge others. And it does not matter how much the object of their attention deserves criticism. For some reason, such a person seeks to convey to others his point of view and show how to actually do it.

At the same time, the adviser can have a lot of problems in his own life and a lot of urgent matters. But he will find the time and the strength to criticize what he does not like. And initially without having understood a situation. It would seem that a person should be a little more tactful.

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