The performance of a 4-year-old girl has already gained 58 million views! Just see how incredible she is!


Awesome, energetic dance of little Tanya. The girl is only 4 years old and she came from Odessa to a talent competition.

You cannot remain indifferent, looking at this baby. A smile appears on its face.

Traditionally, at the very beginning they show footage from the life of the participant for the first acquaintance and interview behind the scenes.

Tanya came with a trainer, and her mother was forced to stay at home, because she was waiting for the second miracle — a sister for a daughter.

Initially, the girl has a mood that she will perform well, especially on the eve of her birthday. Since childhood, he understands that people get fat from the wrong food.

Visible is the great love of the mother in the upbringing of the girl. After all, it just contributes to the right attitude in life. In her 4 years, the girl is very developed and talented, reflects on the future. This is a huge dedication in motherhood. Surely mom is proud of her girl.

When the girl came on the scene, the jury could not hold back admiring exclamations. It is evident that the girl is worried, but she is doing well, she introduced herself and told about herself. At one time, the girl seemed to cry. This is a great test, to be on the scene in front of so many strangers who are all looking at you and appreciate.

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