Adorable boy is waiting for the beat to drop


It is so cute! Do you like Bruno Mars? This baby does love him!

Look how she is waiting for his song! Her dancing is so amazing! She is so small , but she is listening to the good music! Isn’t she?)

Having a hard time back at work after the weekend or jut hard days? This little girl waiting for the beat to drop will help you get through your dreary day!

The video was posted Saturday on Youtube and has gone viral since with over 1.3 million views.

There’s this one song that hit the airwaves and stole everyone’s heart last summer. When it was released, Uptown Funk was the most loved beat in many neighborhoods. There’s no shortage of videos featuring people dancing to the song. It was the talk of the town!

While it may not rock as hard as its release period, this video is a sure argument that the beat is yet to lose the taste. Here, you see this kid chilling out in the car. Her name is Ethan Turn. She’s clearly having a good time, and then things take an upturn!

At some point, Uptown Funk comes on the radio. The kid is visibly thrilled. She gets attentive as the song starts with its usually captivating opening. And when the major beat drops? You won’t believe this. This kid can really move it!

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