Cute bird is singing to her 2-week-old owner


The best video ever! Watch and enjoy! This bird is the best babysitter!

Sit near a kid and sing a cool song! Baby finds this bird so cute that has tempted to eat him up!

There’s nothing cuter than seeing how pets react when they welcome the new baby home, and that goes for birds too. A proud parent shared this adorable video of their cockatiel singing to their 2-week-old son. The little bird lovingly sings a sweet lullaby to the infant that’s simply heart-melting!

Birds are inquisitive creatures who love exploring the world around them. Babies are also full of curiosity about all the things they’re seeing. Since birds and babies share so many similarities, they love spending time together!

The video below shows some of the hilarious antics babies and birds get up to when they spend time together. Sometimes, the babies simply hold the birds and enjoy petting their wings. Cute Bird Falling in Love with Baby — Funny Parrots and Babies Compilation!

Sooner or later, every parent asks: is it worth buying a parrot when the child is in the house? It is this formulation of the question implies an understanding of what responsibility for the bird “will fall on the shoulders” of the parent, and then the child.


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