Extraordinary white moose was captured near Swedish lake


So majestic) Really beautiful creature.

What a lovely creature. It is said white creature in the wild are sacred signs from the Gods, maybe Sweden has had enough unrest, this is trying to get them to look higher. I hope he stays safe and graces us all with his majestic beauty for many years to come.

The resident of Sweden managed to capture on video bathing in the lake moose rare white color.

For one only autumn-winter season of hunting extracted at least three dried-albino. About their rare trophies lucky hunters wrote on the Internet (white elk – in fact, an impure phenomenon and, therefore, a noble trophy).

But along with congratulations, discussions unfolded at hunting forums: is it worth shooting such an unusual, beautiful animal?

Opinions among experienced hunters, Rangers, biologists were divided, regardless of whether there was a discussion on Swedish, Russian or Belarusian sites. According to the most Broberg, the first white elk in the forest observed his brother, with which they together hunted.

Elk is moving in his direction, and soon hunter, too, saw an unusual pet. When elk approached 40-50 meters, he fired… White elk caused a great stir among hunters from the local community: about fifty people came to see him. No less crowd gathered at the massacre, where the elk was then brought.

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